Compressed Air Purifier


" The revolutionary air purifier that leaves no drain behind.

"Ditch the drain, embrace the WELL AIR"

Benefits of WELL AIR

By introducing the system to any production site where pneumatic works, it can be used to "remove condensate condensation from pipes", "extend the life of air tools and machine tools", "decarbonize factories, reduce labor, and improve staff productivity".


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Benefits of introducing WELL AIR

By installing it at the end of the air piping, it greatly reduces malfunctions and failures due to adherence of drainage to precision pneumatic equipment. Since performance deterioration does not occur, it is maintenance-free and easy to maintain.

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Why do condensate occur?

Atmosphere contains water and debris, and what they transform from gas to liquid in the piping is so-called drainage.


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Company Profile

Company name: Kamata Technas Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Takahiro Kamata

Address: 1-1-25 Mitsuki, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Business details:
・Manufacture and sales of compressed air purifier WELLAIR ・Management of restaurants ・Food processing industry

"Be sincere" "Mutual benefit (co-existence and co-prosperity)" "Harmony between technology and nature"

company background

1974 Kamata Compressor established 1996 Changed to Kamata Compressor Ltd. 1997 Changed company name to Kamata Technas 1999 Changed to Kamata Technas Co., Ltd.