• Reduce troubles with air equipment

    • Longer life of air equipment

    • Improvement of Chocho-tei and system defects

    • Reduce the rate of defective products

    • Reduced equipment after-sales service


    1. Reduce troubles with air equipment

    Many of the causes of trouble with air equipment such as cylinders, solenoid valves, and air motors are This is caused by water droplets (drainage) generated within the air piping. By removing the drain, troubles will be reduced and machine operation rate will be increased.

    2. Longer life of air equipment

    Air equipment failures are often caused by water droplets adhering to the air piping, causing the interior to rust, or due to limescale build-up before the end of its service life due to wear and tear on parts.

    3. Improvement of Chocho-tei and poor accuracy

    One of the causes of short stoppages and poor accuracy in precision pneumatic equipment is when water, oil, or other condensate in the air piping adheres to the inside of the cylinder or solenoid valve, causing a change in speed.

    4. Reduce the defective product rate

    When blowing air directly onto a product, condensate may flow out and result in a defective product.

    5. Reducing equipment after-sales service

    After-sales service for equipment can be reduced.

    The benefits of introducing WELL AIR come from the eight major features below.

    ・High performance

    Delivers high performance of 99.99% (almost 100%) moisture removal.

    ・Permanent performance

    There is no performance deterioration or failure over time, and high performance is maintained forever.

    ・No need for dew point control

    New, air/water separation, and high performance, so no dew point control is required.


    Element supplies such as filters and desiccant agents are not required at all.

    ・No CFC

    It is an earth-friendly product as it does not use chlorofluorocarbon gas.

    ・No power supply required

    It does not require external energy such as power supply or heat source.

    ・Compatible with differential pressure

    Even at the start of work when the differential pressure is high, there is no need to drain to cut the drain.

    ・Small and lightweight

    Small, lightweight, compact design. It does not take up much space and can be built into pneumatic equipment.