The atmosphere contains moisture, and the moisture in the air that changes from gas to liquid inside the pipe is called drain. This drain contains impurities (rust, dust, etc.) that can cause pneumatic equipment to malfunction.

■Mechanism of drain generation

①An air compressor creates compressed air from the atmosphere.

② Compressed air has a high atmospheric pressure, so it becomes hot (about 180°).

③ As this compressed air passes through the piping, it condenses and water droplets, or drain, are generated.

*The atmosphere contains a certain amount of moisture. Therefore, as long as the atmosphere is compressed, the generation of condensate is unavoidable.

(Example) If air with a temperature of 20° and humidity of 65% is compressed by a 30 horsepower compressor to a pressure of 7 kgf/cm2 (approximately 180°) and operated for 6 hours, when all of this air returns to room temperature of 20°C, 14 liters There will be some moisture.

■The drain generated in this way passes through the pipes in the factory along with compressed air.

It may flow into the machine.

In this way, drains can cause problems in the factory's Choco-tei and other areas.

This will lead to machine failure.

Therefore, WELLAIR can be installed just before the machine to prevent these problems.