*Please select equipment based on the "maximum air flow rate" of the terminal pneumatic equipment to be used, rather than the connection port size.
*Pressure loss does not change over time unless the operating conditions change, but if you wish to use the product with pressure loss below the data, please select a model that is one rank larger.
Click here for pressure loss data

Compressor flow rate and compatible models

Horsepower (HP)
Output (kw) Discharge flow rate (L/min) Compatible models
1 0.75 80 WA-150
2 1.5 160 WA-400/WA-150
3 2.2 245 WA-400
Five 3.7 430 WA-400/WA-1200
7.5 5.5 640 WA-1200
Ten 7.5 840 WA-1200
15 11.0 1280 WA-1200
20 15.0 1660 WA-2500